viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2016

Weekly links, 6th grade - ,"Nutrition" (healthy food and revision), "Europe" (coastline and revision)

Today we have had a funny day visiting the "Queirós" Circus. Undoubtedly, it has been a wonderful experience. 

Next week, we'll only have class on Monday and Wednesday, and we will do the tests in Social Science (Monday) and Natural Science (Wednesday). For that reason, you have to study as much as you can this weekend. As usual, you can also watch again some videos and webpages seen during the units. 

Of course, you can also watch the video with our song for Christmas in the previous post.

Natural Science:

This week we have focused on the importance of having a healthy diet and the revision of the whole unit. We have watched this video about vitamins:

How do vitamins work? - Ginnie Trinh Nguyen (4:43)

As I told you, you have also here a table that you can copy in your notebooks with some important facts about vitamins (you can pulse over the table to see it bigger):

Social Science:

Apart from the links that you have in the previous articles, I recommend you to read and review all the lessons of the unit, focusing your attention on the highlighted words and sentences on each page. 

As I always tell you, if you have paid attention in the class and you have worked properly everyday, you won't need to study so much this weekend.

See you on Monday!

viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2016

Weekly links, 6th grade - ,"Nutrition" (Circulatory system and excretory system), "Rivers, Physical relief and coasts of Europe"

First, you can watch here the video with the song that we are going to sing at Christmas. The song is "Happy Christmas", by John Lennon:


In the English class, apart from doing the test of unit 2, we have started the second unit, entitled: "Ancient Egypt". 

As an introductory funny activity related to the topic, we have watched the next video:
The Egyptian Pyramids - Funny Animated Short Film (Full HD) (3:35)

Natural Science:

This week we have studied the circulatory and the excretory systems. We have watched only the videos "How Your Heart Works" and "How the Urinary System Works", but you can also watch two other interesting videos:

How Your Heart Works (6:14)

Human Circulatory System (4:52)

How the Urinary System Works (5:13)

Excretory System Parts and Functions Animation video for kids (2:58)

Social Science:

"Geography of Europe" (this is a short video about European Geography):

Remember that in the next links, you can practice the European Geography with several interactive maps, but you have here more information than in our books. You don't need to learn what is not in our books, although this can be a useful tool in your study process.

European rivers:

See you on Monday! 

viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2016

Weekly links, 6th grade - ,"Nutrition" (Respiratory System), "European rivers"

This weekend, the most important thing is to review the unit 2 of English: “Future transport”, for the test we will do next Monday, 21st. As I have told you these days, apart from the highlighted vocabulary on the first pages of the unit, you have to focus your attention in the next gramatical structures:
  • Need to / don’t need to
  • Needs to / doesn’t need to and
  • Will / won’t (in this case, to talk about the future). Remember that you can review this grammar on page 120 of the Students' book.
Apart from this, if you have a little extra time, here you have some interesting links of Natural and Social Sciences:

Natural Science:

First aid education for children: Choking (0:56):

(We have watched the next two videos in group A, and we will watch them next week in group B)

How Your Lungs Work (5:21):

What do the lungs do? - Emma Bryce (3:21):

Social Science:

European rivers: (I have explained in the class the different stages in which you can use these interactive maps to play and study at the same time)

Next, you have two more interesting links to practice with European rivers along the week:

Have a good weekend! 

viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2016

Weekly links, 6th grade - ,"Nutrition" (Digestive System), "Europe"

Along this week we have done the tests of unit 1 in Natural Science and Social Science. At the same time we have started unit 2, about "Nutrition" and "Europe", in each of the matters. Here you have the first links seen or commented in class:

Natural Science:

How the Digestive System Works (5:08):

Digestion in Human Beings 3D CBSE Class 7 Science (6:54) - We have seen this one:

Social Science:

Obviously, European geography is going to be a little more difficult that the Spanish one; so, I recommed you to start to practice and play with this applications from the very beginning. Of course, you have to check the book and to study from time to time, but this is a complementary and funnier way to learn geography.

European countries (English):

European capitals (English):

European cities (English):

European flags (English):

The next links lead to pages written in Spanish, but it is a good thing to start with them if you feel more comfortable, but only at the beggining, because you have to learn the countries and capitals in English.

European countries (Spanish):

Puzzle (you can choose between four levels):

European capitals (Spanish):

See you on Monday!

viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2016

Weekly links, 6th grade - "Nervous system", "Spain"

In this short week, we have finished the unit 1 in "Social Science" and "Natural Science", and next week we will do the test in each of these two subjects. So, because it is supposed that we are not going to have a good weather during the weekend, you will have a good opportunity to study and review these units :-)

Although we haven't watched any more videos this week, in order to facilitate your study process, I put here the most useful links, together, to review for the next tests:

Natural Science:

How Your Eyes Work (How the Body Works):

keeping your nervous system healthy:
Keeping the Nervous System Awesome:

Social Science:

Students can play and practice with these wonderful interactive maps (I have added more links):

Spain's autonomous communities:

Capitals of Spain's autonomous communities:

Spain's provinces:

Spain's relief:

Spain’s rivers (Easy):
Spain’s rivers (Medium):
Spain’s coasts and islands:

jueves, 27 de octubre de 2016

Halloween decoration and weekly links

 Hola a todos:

Puerta 6ºBPuerta 6ºAEn esta ocasión, me dirijo a mis alumnos, pero también a los padres; por eso, antes de poner los enlaces de esta semana, hago otro inciso en castellano, para mostraros algunos de los trabajos con los que hemos decorado nuestras puertas y paredes con motivo de la celebración de Halloween.

En primer lugar, podéis ver la decoración de las puertas de las dos clases, que, tanto mi compañero Ángel como yo, hemos llevado a cabo con la colaboración de los alumnos. 

A continuación, podéis ver los dos murales que hemos realizado; uno, con el rótulo "Happy Halloween", decorado con murciélagos, y el otro con algunos de los dibujos de los alumnos, enmarcados principalmente por calabazas, pero de nuevo con algunos pocos murciélagos. En ambos trabajos, han participado indistintamente niños de las dos clases. Todos los elementos que forman ambos murales, ha sido realizados integramente por los niños, con mi asesoramiento y consejo, pero sin utilizar ningún tipo de plantillas predefinidas. 

Mural "Happy Halloween" 6º A y B

Mural expositor 6º A y B

Alejandro Infante 6ºBVictor González 6ºAPor último, podéis ver algunos de los dibujos de mayor calidad que han desarrollado. A modo de ejemplo, os muestro, de momento, una de las letras del rótulo. Como podéis observar en el mural algunas son auténticas obras de arte. La próxima semana intentaré añadir más fotos de letras en esta misma entrada. Pasando el cursor del ratón por encima de cada imagen, podéis ver el nombre del autor y el grupo al que pertenece, y si pulsáis sobre ellas, las podéis ver en grande.

Rocío Gómez 6ºA

Hafsa El Bouslami 6ºB

Laura Rebollo 6ºB

Naiara Oliva 6ºB
Ariadna Souto 6ºA

Andrea Tudorie e Iria España 6º B y A

Weekly links (Not wikileaks - ask your parents :-)


We have not been able to watch these videos of pirates in the two groups, due to Hallowen activities on Friday after the break, but both are very interesting for you:

"How I Became A Pirate" | Read Aloud:
Martin Freeman - So you Want To Be A Pirate! (2012) - Video Short

Natural Science:

keeping your nervous system healthy:
Keeping the Nervous System Awesome:

Social Science:

Students can practice with these three wonderful interactive maps:

Spain’s rivers (Easy):
Spain’s rivers (Medium):
Spain’s coasts and islands:

IMPORTANT!: Next week, on Friday, we will do a test of "English", Unit 1. DON'T FORGET TO STUDY!

miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2016

First links, 6th grade - CEIP "Ciudad de Córdoba"

First, this is the video of the song that we are going to dance on Halloween, "The Monster mash":