lunes, 17 de julio de 2017

Otra breve despedida...

Hola a todos:

Ante todo, perdonad por el retraso, pero como creo que sabéis, al igual que muchos otros maestros interinos de Madrid, he estado sumido en un nuevo proceso de oposición hasta ahora. No ha podido ser. La verdad es que este curso, por primera vez con vacante completa en un colegio con bilingüismo y por primera vez con dos grupos de sexto, me ha sido muy difícil, por no decir imposible, prepararme de forma apropiada para la oposición. No me arrepiento en absoluto. Lo primero era lo primero, y estoy muy satisfecho del trabajo realizado y de los resultados obtenidos con mis alumnos.

A vosotros, mis estudiantes, os quiero desear toda la suerte del mundo para la nueva etapa que empezáis, pero recordad que sin trabajo y esfuerzo no hay recompensa. Podéis con ello, pero no os despistéis. Para mí (en general :-) ha sido un placer ser vuestro maestro y os echaré de menos. Sabéis lo despistado que soy, así que si me veis algún día por ahí, no dudéis en saludarme, si no lo hago yo primero.

A vuestros padres, les diría que sigan vuestros pasos de cerca y os animen, como debe ser, en ésta y en todas las etapas que emprendáis. Es una etapa difícil, como os hemos dicho largo y tendido a lo largo del curso, pero no necesariamente en lo académico. Eso es lo más sencillo de todo. No tengáis más prisa de la necesaria en haceros mayores; dejad descansar al móvil (si puede ser durante unos años mejor :-), y disfrutad de vuestra edad de forma real, que no virtual. Y, por supuesto, leed. Leed y disfrutad todos los libros que podáis. Os aseguro que no encontraréis entretenimiento mejor y más enriquecedor para vuestro tiempo libre... ¿Cómo?, ¿Que no queréis pasarles este mensaje a vuestros padres? No importa, pues me consta que ya lo leerán algunos de ellos y se pasarán el mensaje :-)

¡Feliz verano y hasta siempre!

viernes, 16 de junio de 2017

Weekly summary, 6th grade - "The Jurassic Age", "The European Union" 6, "Objects and Machines" 2

Good afternoon!

Although last week we completed the last tests of the year, these days we have continued seeing some interesting aspects in the different subjects.


In English we have focused on the second conditional and we have listen to and read the last story of the book in which our three friends: Phoebe, Alex and Patrick return to their class, only a few seconds after the moment they had dissapeared.

Natural Science

In Natural Science, we have only worked in group A, talking about some inventions that we use in our daily lives, and some other revolutionary inventions that have changed art and music.

Social Science

Finally, in Social Science, after finishing the unit, we have only worked with some of the worksheets of the unit.

Apart from that, and related to this subject, last Wednesday we had a good time in the road education park of Usera. We went walking from the school and, in general, it was a positive experience. However, if you do not want to have problems next year, when you do this type of excursions in the High School, you have to behave much better along the way, respecting the ranks and not being very noisy. You know it.

Art & Crafts

As I promised, you can see here some of your versions of Van Gogh’s Chair. Only a few of you finished the picture and I have made this selection with the best Works:

Van Gogh's Chair - Victor


Van Gogh's Chair - Camila


Van Gogh's Chair - Ariadna S.

Ariadna S.

Van Gogh's Chair - Lydia


Have a good weekend!

viernes, 9 de junio de 2017

Weekly summary, 6th grade - "The European Union" 5, "The effects of electricity" and "Objects and Machines"

Good afternoon!

After the two previous weeks in which we have done the external exams, we have completed a little calmer week. This is the summary:


In English, we started the week talking about the Artic and the Antartic, with a listening exercise and this interesting video explaining why polar bears don't eat penguins :-)

The same day, we did a reading exercise about Scott of the Antartic. As well as we did when we talked about the dog Laika in the unit "This is Houston", in this case, we have listened to a wonderful song by Mecano: "Héroes de la Antártida" (obviously in Spanish). Curiously, the two songs appeared in the same LP, "Descanso dominical" (one of my most precious treasures :-) You have here the video:

The next day, we talked about glaciers, and I reminded you when, in Social Science,  we had talked about the Sanabria lake, in Zamora, as the biggest glacier lake in the Iberian Peninsula. You can see again this video:

Finally, after working with reviews of TV shows and films, and doing one practise exercise, we have done the test of this unit.

Natural Science

In Natural Science, in group B, we have completed unit five ("Electricity and magnetism") and, before doing the test of tthe unit, we have watched these videos about maglevs (we weren't been able to see the first one):

MAGNETIC ACCELERATOR - SMOT experiment for kids

Physics of Maglev Trains (EMS & EDS)

World's Simplest Electric Train - 1

World's Simplest Electric Train - 2

On the other hand, in group A, we have continued with the introduction of unit six ("Objects and machines") and we have seen how a 3D printer works in this short video:

Social Science

In Social Science, we have completed unit six, seeing what the EU's future goals are and working with some activities of the revision lesson. Next week, we will work with some worksheets about this unit.

Art & Crafts

This week, we have finished the work with Van Gogh's chair and, as always, there is a great difference between your final pictures, not because the more or less precision of your works, but because the effort that you have put or not in this activity. In the next days, I'll put here some of your "masterpieces", but by the moment, you can see the original again:

To conclude, today, I want to share with you the last audition of the subject "supplementary piano" by my daughter, Carmen, in her third singing course. As I have already told you, she graduated in Piano last year. I hope you enjoy:

Have a good weekend!

viernes, 2 de junio de 2017

Weekly summary, 6th grade - "CDI exams", "The European Union" 4, "The effects of electricity" and "Objects and Machines"

Hello everybody!

Well, last Wednesday and Thursday we have just finished all the external exams, and I hope all of you have done a wonderful job. 

Again, I am going to write a short post summarizing the week:


We have started unit 8, entitled: "A cold place". Apart from the vocabulary related to the topic, we have mainly focused on the use of "questión tags", at the end of positive or negative sentences, and the use of "may" or "might" to talk about possibilities. Next week we will complete the most important facts of the unit and we will do an easy test. Students from group B, next Thursday 8th, and students from group A, next Friday 9th.

Natural Science

With regard to this matter, in group A, we have started the last unit about "Objects and Machines". On the other hand, in group B, we have seen the lesson about the effects of electricity, from unit 5. Moreover, in this group, we will complete the unit next week and we will do the test on Wednesday 7th. We have watched these two videos:

Water Electrolysis

Electroplating: Copper-Plate a Key

Social Science

Finally, in Social Science, we have studied the main EU institutions, talking about the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. We will continue with this important unit until the end of the year. And this is all. 

Enjoy your weekend!

viernes, 26 de mayo de 2017

Weekly summary, 6th grade - "Cambridge PET and KET tests", "CDI exams" and "The European Union" 3

Good afternoon!

At last, we have done the Cambridge tests and I hope that everything had gone well. This is briefly what we have done along the week:


Apart from doing the tests for the KET and PET, we started the week practising with regular and irregular verbs. Furthermore, on Thursday and Friday, we have done a mock exam of the English parts for de CDI exams, that we will do next Wednesday, 31st of May. That day, you will start doing the Maths part.

Natural Science

As well as in English, we have also done another mock exam for the CDI tests, in this case, the part of Science and Technology. This will be the first part that you will do next Thursday, 1st of June. And, after that, you will do the Spanish Language part.

Social Science

Finally, in Social Science, we have only seen a lesson about what the Eurozone is, and we have completed the worksheet 6.1. Remember that if you haven't finished it, you must do it these days at home.

Have a good weekend!

sábado, 20 de mayo de 2017

Weekly summary, 6th grade - "This is Houston" and "Electricity and Magnetism" 6. "The European Union" 2

Good morning!

After San Isidro, we have completed another week, in which the preparation for the Cambridge tests has been our main goal. This is what we have done and what we will do next week.


We started doing the test of unit 7, "This is Houston". Then we did a mock exam for the PET and KET tests that we will do in the next days. Remember: Next Tuesday, 23rd, we will do the writing part, with the reading, writing and listening tasks, and the next day, Wednesday, 24th, we will do the oral part with the speaking. 

Apart from that, we have worked with some worksheets to review how to manage with regular and irregular verbs, knowing when to use the past simple or the past participle forms. It is very important that you complete the exercises this weekend that we will correct next Monday. Finally, we have seen some of the tips and instructions you need to know for the exam days, and I have given to you some papers with this important information that you have to show to your parents.

Natural Science

In Natural Science, in group A, we have completed unit 5, "Electricity and Magnetism", and we have done the test of this unit. However, in group B, we will complete the unit in two weeks, after doing the external exams, both the Cambridge PET and KET and the CDI tests of the Community of Madrid. In this group, we have seen the lesson entitled "What's the Earth's magnetic field like".

Social Science

In this matter, we have talked about what the European Union and the Eurozone are. You have also need to complete the previous unfinished exercises.

Art & Crafts

To conclude, in the Art class, we have continued working with the reproduction of "Van Gogh's chair",  using a grid. We will be only two more sessions with this work before starting the next exercise.  This week, we have had problems with the computers and we haven't been able to see the picture on the screen. So you have it here again:

Enjoy your weekend!

viernes, 12 de mayo de 2017

Weekly links, 6th grade - "This is Houston" and "Electricity and Magnetism" 5. "The European Union" 1

Hello everyone!

Today we have celebrated "San Isidro" and we have started another long weekend. As always, you have time to enjoy and rest, but remember: we are finishing the school year and you should also study for the different important tests that we will do along the next weeks. You have here the summary of the week:


Apart from working in the preparation of the KET and PET tests, we have also finished the unit 7 "This is Houston". Next Tuesday, 16th, we will do the evaluation test of this unit in the two groups. Remember to study! Mainly, you should focus your attention on the vocabulary and grammar of the unit (don't forget to review page 125 on the Student's book). Of course, as I usually tell you, it is very important to highlight or underline the irregular verbs that we have used in class, in the list that I gave you or in the one you have on the last page of the workbook. But this is not decoration! :-) Those are the verbs that you have to study!

Natural Sciences

This week we have mainly worked in the preparation for the CDI test, and we have completed one real exam about this area. As I have explained you, we have done this activity in Spanish, because the part of "Science and Technology" of this test have to be done in our first language. In any case, in group A, we will do the test of unit 5 (Electricity and Magnetism), next Wednesday, 17th, and we will continue with this unit in group B.

Social Science

In Social Science, we have done the test of unit 5, "Spain's Politics", in the two gropus, and we have started the last unit, "The European Union". Next, you can see again this interesting video about the origin of the European Union:

Art & Crafts

Finally, in the Art class, we are doing a work of reproducing a famous painting from a grid. A method, that you have just used other times, and something that most artists do from time to time. We are working first with the famous Van Gogh's chair. As I have promised, you can see the painting here at a high resolution:

Van Gogh's Chair

Have a good weekend!